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IAS full form in HINDI: Indian Administrative Service

IAS full form in HINDI: Indian Administrative Service

Mar 11, 2024

What is the full form of IAS?

The IAS full form is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the most esteemed and competitive exams in India. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the IAS exam every year. The  UPSC exam  selects and hires eligible candidates for the IAS post. The Government of India presented this post.

In this article you will learn about the details of IAS. Including the details about IAS full form , IAS exams, eligibility criteria and duties of IAS officer.


What is the IAS Exam?

The esteemed IAS Exam was founded in the year 1858 as the regal Civil Service. It was established as the Indian Administrative Service or the IAS In the year 1950. The Union Public Service Commission or the PSC, conducts the IAS exam each year. The selected candidates may be hired by the Union or state government directly. Or they may be assigned posts at the district level. 

The IAS is an element of the executive branch of the Government of India. it is considered as the permanent bureaucracy. A group of aspiring candidates belonging to different strata and varieties of society. They all try the exam every year.

 Eligibility Criteria of IAS

The important prerequisites that one has to complete to qualify for the IAS exam are as follows:

Nationality of Candidates:

The candidate has to be an Indian national to try and take the Indian Civil Service Exam.

Age Limit:

The minimum age limit to take part in the exam is 21 years. While the maximum age limit is persistent to be 32.

Educational Qualification 

The candidate must be a graduate of a university. They are enrolled under their institution or identified by the Government. 

Number of Attempts :

There is a unique number of attempts that are assigned to the following groups. 

General 6 attempts
OBC 9 attempts
SC/ST No fixed limit

The maximum age limit is 32 years. SC or ST candidates also make a number of tries, until they reach the maximum age limit for the examination.

Economically Weaker Section  6 attempts
A person with Benchmark disability 9 attempts
Defence Service Personnel  9 attempts

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IAS Age Relaxation for

The upper age relaxation that is assigned to each category can be listed as follows:

SC or ST 5 years
OBC 3 years
Defence Service Personnel 3 years
Ex-Servicemen 5 years
Deaf/Mute/Blind/Orthopedically Handicapped 10 years

Tips to crack IAS 2023

There are some tips available to relieve the tension of candidates. It helps them to increase the possibilities of cracking the IAS 2023.

Creating a strict schedule

Time management is a major ‘make it or break it’ element when it comes to the UPSC CSE – GS papers. Learners can work hard every day to prepare efficiently. This will  increase their chances of success.

Obtaining and understanding the examination pattern

The UPSC portal mentions the complete examination pattern. Go through the syllabus. Introduce yourself to the syllabus, and paper patterns. Framework your preparation plan accordingly. Organizing your study plan efficiently.

Given how wide the IAS syllabus is, the preparation process may vary for everyone. Some may involve follow-ups with specific study material. And Others may require particular notes for better understanding.

Practice tests

Solving prior years question papers and undertaking mock tests is notably helpful. This will help you introduce yourself to the UPSC CSE-GS exam patterns. And it is also helpful to examine the areas that require improvement.

Dedication and Duties of an IAS Officer

The distinguished post of an IAS officer comprises numerous roles and responsibilities. A person with numerous distinct capabilities is selected to this esteemed post. 

The roles and responsibilities of an IAS officer based on various stages of their career.  

The role and duties of an Officer are given below:

He is allotted to handle different governmental matters. An officer has to perform his duties by the order of the Government of India. He may be assigned to frame and carry out a certain policy. Traveling to places where the respective policy is allocated to be implemented. Creating policies to allocate required funds for concerned affairs.

During his career, If an officer is assigned to complete his duties at the state or sub-divisional level, he/s

IAS officers
IAS officers

he has to assume duties to law and order. He has to complete his duties at the district level. He may assist as a State Secretariat or as Heads of governmental departments. IAS officers play an important role in creating and implementing valuable policies. 


What is the full form of IAS ?

IAS’s full form is Indian Administrative Service. 

What is IAS full form Salary ?

IAS full form Salary highest is 2,50,000 per month.

Who holds IAS full form power ?

The Cabinet Secretary holds IAS full form power .

What are the duties of an IAS officer?

He performed his duties according to the order of the Government.

What is the maximum age limit to apply for the IAS exam?

The maximum age limit is 32 years.


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