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June 20, 2024
Is Santa Real? The Real Story Behind it.

Is Santa Real? The Real Story Behind it.

May 27, 2024

There comes an age when we all begin to question the reality of the Santa Claus. We mean that is senta really give Christmas presents to every kid in the world, all in one night? While questioning these surprising shows development in a child’s independent analysis and thoughts, it also opens the door to talk about the history of the jolly man in red, and obviously answering the question: “ Is Santa real or is it your parents ?”

santa real life
santa real life

Is Santa real? 

Of course, Santa Claus is real! In 1897, The New York Sun even reported it back  Not to mention that the Santa claus has his own hotline and the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). Even tracks his sleigh on Christmas Evening. But he is not from the North Pole. At least, Not the New York City Macy’s Santa. 

According to a blog published in the Washington, in 2012, a man from Long Island legally changed his name to Santa Claus. After spending many years as playing the role of Santa at Macy’s in the New York City during the holidays, he continues to appear as Santa at community and private events now.  

How old is Santa Claus in 2024?

When was Santa born ? According to SantaClaus.com website, Santa Clause was born on March 15. The history exist on the website states santa birth around A.D. 280 in Patara, which is near Myra in modern-day Turkey. That’s why Santa claus age in 2023 is around 1,752 years. when you remember the origin of Saint Nicholast, it is Hard to believe that but it makes sense. It is a monk from the 4th century. 

Santa Real Life and Christmas?

Initially, Christmas celebrated in the onor of Jesus Christ birthday which is starting in 336 AD. It has become enmeshed with the celebration of the Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus in the last some centuries. One of the most famous stories of Saint Nick is how he gifted the gold to three empowered girls who would have likely and otherwise they met an unlucky outcome. 

This practice was specifically popular among the Dutch and  later brought it to New York upon the establishment in the 17th century. That’s why, the gift delivering tradition spread across the America. As we mentioned above, St. Nicholas later became who we recognize today as Santa Claus. 

How to keep the magic of Santa Clause alive:

Keep in mind that, for young children, there can be a ambiguous boundary between the magic and reality. As Navsaria pointed that the work of a young child is defined by make-believe and pretend game.” According to her, the story of Santa Clause permits  parents that to enter their little one’s world in a developmentally right way. Teach the children to exercise their skills in the thoughts or imagination.” 

As for the older kids who may find the information easier to utilize, you can still focus on ways to keep the Essene of Santa Clause going during the holiday celebrations with family, like as being bountiful with your time and money and devoting a moment to reflect on your faith. 

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Restructure of Christmas Traditions:

The unavoidable conversation about Santa Clause existence might also be a good opportunity to revise some of the traditions of our family’s annual Christmas. Rather than writing a letter to Santa Clause every year, your child could become a confidential Santa for a younger sibling or neighborhood child.

Your children could also bake cake or bread for elderly neighbors. Ask how they might like to “take over” for Santa clause and scatter the cheer and liberality that they have always known.

While kids may no longer look for caribou on Christmas Evening. Your tween might be ready to clasp the spirit of Santa  and spread the joy of giving gift in their own special way. 

How to Respond Your Kids About Santa:

Santa Claus is genuine or real  in a sense, but if your kids are begin to ask questions about their Elf on the Shelf and the presents under the tree, then it might be time to address the topic directly. Navsaria recommend that you start the conversation by asking your kids why they are starting to think that he might not exist and what that means for them. It is crucial to put yourself in their shoes.

After the  discussion, “children may feel sad, confused, disappointed, or angry, but no matter how they are feeling, it also notes that you should admit these emotions and let your child know that it is okay to feel that way. This is probably won’t be the last time your children will experience dissatisfaction, after all, so think of this discussion as an opportunity.


is santa real? So, here we provided all the information regarding Santa Clause. Including is Santa real or not, his date of birth name and history. Hope this articles helps you, if you like this article kindly share with your friends and family. Have a good day!


Is Santa Real?


How old is Santa in 2024?

His current age is about 1752 years. 

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