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Aria Kpop, her Age, Group Name, Biography and Net Worth.

Aria Kpop, her Age, Group Name, Biography and Net Worth.

Mar 7, 2024

Aria k-pop Girl’s Biography: 2nd Indian who Becomes K-pop Idol

K-pop has seen tremendous popularity worldwide over recent years, captivating viewers worldwide with energetic songs, captivating performances, and an eclectic talent pool. Aria stands out as an exciting young artist hailing from Kerala in India; we explore her remarkable story here as one of only two Indians to become K-pop icons.

aria kpop photo
aria kpop photo


Early Life and Background

Aria Gauthami was born and raised in Kerala state, located in southern India. Aria k-pop age is 20 years and Since her childhood years, Aria displayed her passion for performing arts, with dreams of becoming an international superstar in performing arts.

Attribute Details
Real Name Gauthami
Aria kpop Age 20
Profession Actress, K-pop Singer
Height (approx.) 160 cm / 1.60 m / 5’ 3”
Weight (approx.) 43 kg
Date of Birth March 12, 2003
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends Unknown

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Career Beginnings of Aria

Aria first made her mark in K-pop with her participation in X:in group, an esteemed Korean band known for their captivating performances and catchy tunes. Aria quickly become one of their fan favorites due to her youthful charm and impressive stage presence – fast becoming an audience favorite and earning rave reviews from everyone she performed with!

aria kpop career
aria kpop career

Personal Details of Aria

Aria stands at 160cm (5 three”) and weighs in at roughly 43 kilograms, possessing a petite figure that complements her impressive stage presence. Displaying Indian culture proudly, Aria contributes to K-pop’s rich tapestry of diversity.

Attribute Details
Height 160 cm (5′ 3″)
Weight Approximately 43 kg
Figure Petite
Stage Presence Impressive
Cultural Contribution Proudly displays Indian culture in K-pop

Aria’s Achievements and Recognition

Aria K-pop Kerala has experienced great success throughout her professional career and is recognized for her contributions to K-pop. Though awards for Aria may not yet have been bestowed upon her, her dedication and persistence have garnered her an enthusiastic fan base and made her one of music’s rising stars.

aria kpop kerala
aria kpop kerala

Aria Is Known For Her Lively Personality and Talent

Aria stands out with her vibrant personality and exceptional talents both on and off stage. As both an actor and singer, her versatility showcases her ability as a performer – captivating audiences wherever she performs and leaving an impactful mark wherever she goes.

Aria’s Contribution to K-pop

Aria has made waves in K-pop by becoming its second Indian K-pop star and transcending cultures through international K-pop music. Aria kpop group name is X:in band which further diversifies their music while expanding fan bases worldwide. Aria’s life story serves as an inspirational lesson to all musicians around the globe as she shows that with hard work and cultural exchange, they can achieve their goals.

aria kpop image
aria kpop image

Aria’s rise in K-pop exemplifies her talent, determination, and the rich culture of her heritage. While continuing to chart her course within music, Aria stands as an inspiring source of potential; showing that dreams don’t have limits and talent is transcendent of borders. With her infectious passion and unwavering commitment, Aria is poised to make an impressionable statement on an international platform; captivating minds and hearts through music while motivating new generations of artists to pursue excellence on their path toward reaching the pinnacle of achievement.

5 Facts About Aria Kpop:

Aria is the second Indian artist to break into the K-pop industry after Sriya from Blackswan, underlining Indian talents’ growing global popularity within Korean entertainment.

Aria has quickly made an impressionful mark on the K-pop scene as part of X:in, captivating audiences with her talent and charm.

Aria has shown her versatility by not only singing but also acting in the Malayalam movie Melvilasom – further illustrating her talent as an entertainer.

Aria stands at approximately 160 cm (5′ 3″) and weighs 43 kg, which gives her a petite stature that complements her stage presence, adding to her appeal as an actress and performer.

Aria’s journey from Kerala, India, to K-pop, has demonstrated the power of passion, perseverance, and cultural exchange; inspiring fans from across the globe with her story of chasing dreams and breaking barriers.


Q: What Indian film has Aria worked on?

 Aria showcased her acting skills in the Malayalam movie “Melvilasom,” known for her role under the name Ammu.

Q: When was Aria born?

Aria was born on March 12, 2003, marking her as a talented and accomplished individual at the young age of 20.

Q: What is Aria’s real name?

 Aria’s real name is Gauthami, reflecting her Indian heritage and unique identity in the K-pop scene.

Q: What is Aria’s profession?

 Aria is a versatile entertainer, making her mark as both an actress and a K-pop singer, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Q: Does Aria have any known relationships or boyfriends?

 As of now, Aria keeps her personal life private, and there is no public information available regarding her relationships or boyfriends.


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