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Truth About Linda Kolkena, Dan Broderick’s Wife Murdered by Betty Broderick
Murder Story

Truth About Linda Kolkena, Dan Broderick’s Wife Murdered by Betty Broderick

May 19, 2023

American Linda Kolkena was murdered by Betty Broderick, the ex-wife of her husband, in a very cold-blooded manner. Due to some jealousy over Dan’s decision to leave her and marry Linda, Betty was slain. She viciously murdered the new couple while they slept as a result of her great rage and resentment.

The violent killings of Linda Kolkena and her husband attracted global attention as many voiced their outrage at what they saw to be a senseless act of violence. Betty was ultimately found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder in court and given a 32-year to life sentence.

Linda Kolkena Date of Birth

The 26th day of June 1961 saw the birth of Linda Kolkena. She had a Cancerian horoscope. Our research indicates that she was born in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital and largest city in the United States of America. She was raised here as well with her family.

According to reports, Linda’s family was close-knit and everyone watched out for one another, especially since the children were brought up religiously and were said to place a strong importance on upholding Christian ideals.

Linda Kolkena Parents and Personal Life

Linda Kolkena
Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick

Although Linda Kolkena and her sisters were raised in a conservative environment, they were free-spirited. Her mother was Everdina, and her father was Johannes. After a two-year fight with breast cancer, Linda’s mother Everdina Bernadetta Kolkena tragically passed away when Linda was 11 years old. A short while later, Johannes remarried a fellow widow he had met in their Dutch neighborhood.

After graduating from college, Linda Kolkena decided that she did not want to settle down and get married just yet, so she would hunt for a job. She immediately obtained work as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines.

Since becoming a flight attendant would allow her to travel and explore new places, Linda was obviously very keen to do so. But she only worked as a flight attendant for a short while.

Inside Dan and Betty Broderick’s Lives

Dan Broderick was an American who founded his own medical malpractice law office and was a very successful attorney. On June 20, 1944, Broderick was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the oldest son of a sizable Irish Catholic family living in the United States. Dan Broderick was brought up to have high regard for others and was reportedly well-known for being a level-headed individual in his neighborhood.

Dan Broderick studied economics at the University of Notre Dame after graduating from high school. He then went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated with a law degree in 1969. Dan Broderick relocated to San Diego, California, after finishing his schooling, where he started his legal career. He had a solid reputation as a capable lawyer and was well-known for his combative litigation approach. He was noted for obtaining significant settlements for his clients and had a specialty in instances involving medical misconduct.

On the other hand, Betty Broderick, Dan Broderick’s ex-wife, was born on November 7, 1947, and grew up in Bronxville, New York (her birth name is Elisabeth Anne Bisceglia). She was the third of a couple named Marita and Frank Bisceglia’s six children. With family members, Betty’s parents had a prosperous plastering company. Betty has a mixed racial background because her mother is Irish-American and her father is Italian-American.

In 1965, Betty and Dan Broderick crossed paths at the University of Notre Dame. The pair wed on April 12th, 1969, in the New York town of Tuckahoe, in a catholic ceremony. Betty was thrilled to have married at last and was well-prepared to do her “wife duties” because she had been brought up to view marriage as the ultimate objective for all women.

Betty returned from their honeymoon carrying their first child, a daughter called Kim, who was born in 1970. The next four children were born to the couple: Lee in 1971, Daniel in 1976, and Rhett in 1979.

Marital Problems and Dan’s Affair

Linda Kolkena
Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick

Due to Dan Broderick’s wife Betty’s extreme jealousy and protectiveness, Linda Kolkena’s affair with him caused extremely significant issues. She, therefore, began to have suspicions that her husband was having an affair almost as soon as he recruited Linda to be his secretary.

The fact that Dan and Linda were spending a lot of time together added fire to Betty’s suspicions. They were seen dining together and going to formal functions together. Eventually, Betty instructed Dan to dismiss Linda Kolkena from his staff, but Dan resisted. In actuality, he elevated Linda from his secretary to his legal assistant rather than terminating her.

She then set fire to his garments in a fit of wrath, making a scene around the home. She behaved in a way that alarmed their children as she set about trashing things.

He stated that he had been dating Linda Kolkena for the previous three years and that he wanted a divorce when he finally told Betty the truth in 1985. Betty was saddened by the information and resisted accepting it calmly. She believed Dan had abandoned her and their kids. She made the decision to handle him.

Judith Broderick Dan and Linda Kolkena were murdered in their bed in 1989.

When the unimaginable occurred in 1989, Betty Broderick’s resentment against her ex-husband Dan Broderick and his new wife, Linda, reached a boiling point. Our research indicates that Dan and Linda were tragically murdered on November 5, 1989, by Betty Broderick, Dan’s ex-wife. Before they were savagely murdered, Linda and Dan had just been wed for roughly seven months. Betty Broderick following her arrest.

According to reports, the tragic occurrence took place that fateful day around 5:30 a.m. Betty traveled by car to Dan and Linda’s house that morning. She then used a key she had taken from one of her daughters to enter the residence. She arrived at the home with a.38-caliber pistol, and after going inside, Betty went upstairs to the bedroom of the couple, where Linda and Dan were sound sleeping. Betty fired five rounds as Linda woke up and screamed; Dan was also injured once in the chest as he attempted to grab the phone and dial 911. As Betty shot around the bedroom, one bullet also struck the wall. Before assistance could arrive, he passed away. at the moment of their passing.

She insisted that the purpose of the rifle was just to frighten them. She was shocked, though, when Linda Kolkena screamed, which caused her to press the trigger. The San Diego County medical examiner verified that Linda Kolkena passed away soon after receiving her gunshot wounds. She had two bullet wounds to her head and chest, according to an autopsy, which was performed on her.

Linda Kolkena Obituary

It is known that Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick were buried together in San Diego’s Greenwood Memorial Park. Their funeral garnered a lot of attention as predicted and split many people’s thoughts. Some people faulted Betty for not merely accepting things in good faith and going on with her life, while others blamed Betty for breaking up Linda and Betty’s lovely marriage.

The Murder Trial of Betty Attracted a Lot of Attention

Linda Kolkena
Linda Kolkena

Betty Broderick was swiftly charged with a crime after being detained, and her trial garnered significant attention not just in the USA but also internationally. Kerry Wells served as the State of California’s prosecutor during Betty’s trial, and she was represented by criminal defense lawyer Jack Early. Betty stated that she had been physically, emotionally, and mentally abused for years before being motivated to murder her ex-husband.

In her testimony for the defense, clinical psychologist Katherine DiFrancesca said that Broderick exhibited histrionic characteristics with narcissistic characteristics. 

Judge Thomas J. Whelan declared a mistrial as a result, which surprised the audience who had been following the case since some people worried Linda and Dan may not receive the justice they deserved. About a year later, Betty Broderick eventually tried again with the same defense lawyer and prosecutor in attendance. This time, the prosecution was successful, and Betty was found guilty of two murders by the jury in a decision that garnered media attention. In 1991, Betty Broderick appeared in court. 

Betty’s Detention Cell

In Chino, California, east of Los Angeles, Betty Broderick is presently completing her term at the California Institution for Women (CIW). She submitted her initial parole application in January 2010, but the Board of Parole Hearings rejected it. The board determined that she was an inappropriate candidate for release since she had not expressed any regret for her acts and had not recognized her fault.

The story of Betty Broderick continues to intrigue people, and it has been the focus of several novels, films, and television programs.

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