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Coomerparty | Is Coomerparty Website Safe? 

Coomerparty | Is Coomerparty Website Safe? 

May 9, 2024

CoomerParty is a pornographic site that features direct and often disrespectful content containing sexual fetishes. It is a derogatory term used for someone who enjoys direct pornographic content instead of personal relationships and responsibilities. The term is not used in particular online communities and it can land you in difficulty because it is viewed as disrespectful and offensive content.

coomerparty photo
coomerparty photo

What Is the Coomerparty:

It is a PUP (potentially unwanted program). It is that type of software that is not necessarily malicious, However, it may have undesirable and potentially horror effects on your computer. It is ad-supported and could also act as a hijacker by changing the settings of your browser without your knowledge or permission. 

These programs can be invasive and can also slow down computer performance. It can also show unwanted advertisements, or redirect you to malicious websites. Moreover, potentially unwanted programs such as coomerparty can accommodate your online security or private information.

What Does Coomerparty Do?

It is a suspicious site and app mainly used to catch personal information from users for advertising revenue. It is similar to the most commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Upon installation, it is similar in that it will change your browser’s settings and change the default homepage to its own.

Coomerparty may also cause redirects to suspicious and scamming pages. Interacting with any of the content it provides is not advisable, as it may expose you to different risks.

Once you install it, it may start showing advertisements and sponsored links in your search results, and also disturb your browsing habits. And, if you click on any of those ads, you expose your PC to the risk again.

The worst part about this unneeded website is that it uses tracking technology to check your browsing behavior and record that information along with other private information, for example, usernames, emails, etc. This information may then be sold to third parties, like advertising agencies, aiming to enhance their targeting and display the custom ads by your browse searches.

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How Did Coomerparty Enter Your PC?

In most cases, this unwanted software such as Coomerparty enters your PC bundled with the freeware you download. That’s why you must always pay interest when installing any software. This Bundled software usually is referred to in the installation process, and you are given the option to adopt it.

Note that bundling is a famous method used by the creators of adware and malicious software because they know that users rarely read everything during the installation process. Adware developers intentionally made “recommended” installation settings. So that, to be safe, clearly disallow the recommended settings and select the “advanced” or “custom” option instead.

How to Remove Coomerparty?

In case you already have the Coomerparty detection on your PC, don’t worry as there is a simple or easy way to remove it. Follow the instructions to install a trustworthy anti-malware program that will take care of the omitting process for you. Manual instructions are also given for tech-savvy users.

Preparation before removal of Coomerparty:

  • Confirm to backup your files.
  • Make sure that the instructions page is always open so that you can follow the method.
  • Be patient as the deletion may take some time.


CoomerParty is a website that has become famous in particular online communities. You can view this unwanted site as an extreme version of OnlyFans. The site only targets certain people with particular sexual fetishes that many may find inappropriate. This explains why their site is often on and off online.


What is incorrect with coomerparty and when will it be fixed?

We are not affiliated with coomerparty, so we cannot identify the specific issue with the server or when it will be solved. We can only tell you if it is up or down. You would need to meet or contact the owner of that server for that data.

How do we check if it is down?

We identify if it is down by performing a server check from our servers, in a way that is identical to how your web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It would make a contact to the website. This server check is performed from an edge node near you, from a network that is available in over 285 cities and 100 more countries. We then determine the server status code returned to display you if coomer.party is up or down.

What server response codes do we consider “down” or refer to a problem?

We indicate that it is down if it returns an HTTP status code within the 4xx or 5xx range. Like, a “not found” error would return a code of 404, so we would show the site as down.

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