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Aaren Simpson-Facts About the Tragic Death of O.J. Simpson’s Daughter

Aaren Simpson-Facts About the Tragic Death of O.J. Simpson’s Daughter

May 12, 2023

O.J. Simpson has achieved so much as one of the greatest National Football League players in the world but he has lost one of the biggest blessings as a parent. It is true that losing a child is the worst experience a parent could ever have and O.J. has just endured the hard reality that his daughter Aaren Simpson is no more with us in this bigoted world. 

In this article, we will learn about the reason for the demise of O.J. Simpson’s beloved daughter, her biography, and some facts that are untold about Aaren Simpson and her father.

Aaren Simpson’s Profiles and Bio

Name Aaren Simpson
Age 1 year 11 months
Date of Birth September 24, 1977
Birth Place California, United States
Date of Death 26 August 1979
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Libra

Aaren Simpson

Aaren Simpson
Aaren Simpson and Her Parents

Orenthal James Simpson and Marguerite Whitley are Aaren Simpson’s parents. The two got hitched on June 24, 1967. They were fairly newlyweds when they tied the knot. Simpson, a university student, was 19 years old.

O.J.’s first wife was a stay-at-home mother. Arnelle and Jason Simpson, the couple’s first and second children, respectively, were both born in 1968 and 1970, respectively. Their final child, Aaren, was born in California on September 24, 1977.

OJ and Aaren’s romance was short-lived. Aaren tragically perished in an accident while she was only beginning to take her first steps. Regrettably, little is known about her life before her passing.

Father Orenthal James Simpson
Mother Marguerite Whitley
Siblings Arnelle


Sydney Brooke

Justin Ryan

Aaren Simpson’s Cause of Death

Aaren Simpson
Aaren Simpson and Her Parents

Aaren’s passing shocked her family as well as the rest of the globe. OJ Simpson’s daughter drowned in the pool while strolling around their home. Her family members found her shortly after, but she was unconscious. They immediately called 911 for assistance, and after performing CPR, they were successful in resuscitating the woman.

She was taken urgently to UCLA in Los Angeles, the University of California Medical Center. She spent a few days at the facility in a coma before being placed on life support. Tragically, a few days later, the little angel passed away from respiratory failure. Aaren’s curtains collapsed on August 26, 1979, a few days before her second birthday. 

Who is O.J. Simpson?

Orenthal Former American football running back James Simpson is now a broadcaster, actor, and advertising representative better known by his stage moniker “Juice.” Although he was formerly well-known in the country, he is now best known for being accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

O.J. Simpson’s Personal Life

Aaren Simpson
O.J. Simpson and Her First Wife, Marguerite Whitley

The NFL superstar was first married to Marguerite Whitley. As Vogue noted in 2016, the two began dating in high school and married when they were 19 years old, one year before O.J. won the coveted Heisman trophy in 1968. The two, however, divorced in 1979.

Did O.J. hit his first wife?

O.J.’s first marriage was marred by rumors that he had physically abused his wife Whitley. The Simpson home in West Los Angeles received a complaint about domestic violence in the middle of the 1970s, according to Jim King, a former LAPD officer who spoke to Inside Edition in February 1995.

According to Marguerite, O.J. hit, kicked, choked, and threw her to the ground. He always admitted to touching Marguerite. He asserted that, on the contrary, he shouldn’t have touched her.

Both O.J. and his first wife denied ever hitting his wife.

Aaren Simpson
O.J. Simpson and Her Second Wife, Nicole Brown Simpson

O.J. Simpson’s second marriage

The NFL athlete later married Nicole Brown Simpson from 1985 to 1992. She was the mother of their two children, Sydney Brooke and Justin.

Was O.J. married to Nicole when she died?

On June 12, 1994, Brown and her friend, the waiter Ron Goldman, were both stabbed to death at their home in Los Angeles, California, two years after their divorce from O.J. O.J. was detained and accused of the two killings.

Who raised Nicole’s children?

Justin and Sydney were cared for by Brown’s family during the trial, and after Simpson was found not guilty, he shared custody of the two kids with the family. Tanya Brown, Nicole’s mother, worked mostly to keep the kids out of the media throughout the trying times.

Aaren Simpson’s passing came as a shock to both the Football star’s family and the entire globe. Despite the fact that she died while she was young, she will never be forgotten.


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